Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Learning and Good Manager Essay

Good managers are born, not made. Discuss this idea whilst exploring key characteristics of an effective manager. For a long time, many people have questioned whether a good manager is born naturally, or they can learn and train to become a good manager. For people who think that a good manager is born, they believe that an effective manager is born with some specific skills and characteristics that ordinary people do not have. â€Å"Charisma and trait are qualities which are generated from inside a person† (Junaid 2010). However, a stronger believes in nobody born with perfect competence. In fact, it is rarely to find people who just naturally good at anything. Achievement in life requires hard work, experience, and skills (Lash, J. 2007). Everyone can develop by learning and training to become better. They can change their attitude and acquire appropriate capability and attribute that required for a good manager. It is ambiguous in the aspect of good managers are born, not made, because there are many evidences and researches that explain how ordinary people can become a good manager. First and foremost, people who support the first reason that nature select a specific group of people to be a good manager by giving charisma and trait. According to Weber (1947) as cited by Raktabutr (2007), supernatural and particular forces grant charisma which is a precise quality of a personality to extraordinary person. Charisma and trait are the main factors that can make anyone become a well manager. For example, motivation is one of the key characteristic of an effective manager which is generate from inside, this type of characteristic is difficult to learn and understand. In such circumstance a proficient manager can considered as a leader, they have to know how to motivate other people in workplace. As Edward Deci (n. d. ) as cited by Llewellyn and Holt (n. d. ) write in why we do what we do: Understanding self-motivation. A place that feels connected, independent, and authorized is lead people to be self-motivated. Failure is a part of process that managers have to concede, because they have to encourage risk-taking and creativity. Effective managers have to build up the dynamic atmosphere in workplace to ensure that his co-worker and subordinate have passion to complete their task, and then it will make the outcome of their task effective and efficiency. Whereas, people who do not have this key distinctive, they can get in trouble when they have to motivate other people, because it is inconsistent to motivate to different people. Another key determinant that essential is self-confidence. Manager has to show his confidence to make his underling believe and respect to him, because manager cannot do everything they can only manage and assign task to his subordinate. While people who do not born with this ability, they can face the problem about how to act to other people to gain their trust and respect. These key characteristics are come from aptitude that manager can know immediately how to deal with problem. It could be said that other people who do not have charisma and trait cannot be a good manager, because these attributes ingrained with special people since they were born. There was an early psychological research, which were studied inborn characteristics or traits from successful leaders. The ascription is people can be a good manager if they could be found with these traits. Stogdill (1974) determine the following traits and skills as needful to manager, which consist of intelligence, conceptually skilled, imaginative, sagacious, management ability , convincing , interpersonal relations, adjustable to situations ,active to social environment ,commitment and achievement-orientated ,assertive ,cooperative , decided , trustworthy ,dominant, ardent, relentless, self-confident ,and repressive of stress. In the other hand, there are some evidences that explain how normal people who do not born with inherited specialties can learn and practice to become a good manager. Every person has to learn to acquire skills and cognition. â€Å"The most important skill for everyone is the ability to manipulate their learning† (Mcnamara, C. n. d. ). Everyone can gain a lot of benefit from learning, if they have high level of stimulus and self-directed reader. People can be a good manager by using Management development program, which is include both informal and formal method. For informal method, it can help everyone improve some key characteristics that requisite for a good manager by reading some articles, and discussing management with other people. Taking a course, seminar or workshop is another good opportunity for regular people to develop themselves to be a capable manager. There is an executive education program for manager has been provided by Harvard business school, the length of this course is around three months. This course accepts managers from all over the world. This full time course at Harvard business school offer precise learning experiences that allow managers to learn how to use vision to create effective management decision, and how to see organization as a whole picture. It is also cover all areas of management from accounting, finance, technology, operations, strategy, and marketing, international economy and organizational change. This program offers opportunity to participants to understand the key characteristics of a good manager. Almost 12,000 managers who have gone on to top leadership positions in some of the most well known companies in the world, after they graduated from this course. Therefore, it is clear that good manager can be made by training and learning, since there are plenty of ways to develop skills and characteristics by both formal and informal method. In conclusion, although, the people who born with unique skills and knowledge take advantage more than other people, normal people who want to be a good manager can expand their capability to acquire these requirements, if they have high commitment on their goal and work hard enough. Since nowadays, there are many courses and programs that provide for people to improve their abilities such as training class, which can determine and supply special skills that manager needs, and these type of programs are accepted by most organizations in the world. Thus, in my opinion, it is irrational that good manager is born. Every people can make themselves to become an effective manager, because everyone can define their own destiny.

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